Good Buddies Daycare 

"Children enjoy each other's company as they play harmoniously in the
relaxed and happy atmosphere" (OFSTED) 

Welcome to Good Buddies Daycare!

We are family run and are totally committed in providing a safe place where your child/ren will be stimulated by play, education and interaction. We ensure a happy, friendly, caring environment where your child will have fun, be motivated and encouraged to fulfil their potential.

Good Buddies Daycare is a 'full service' nursery.  This means we provide everything your child/ren will need from nappies and wet wipes to sun cream. All meals are included in our full service prices, all food is made fresh on the premises daily, the children are encouraged to make their own snacks, we also encourage the children to self serve all meals with support from our highly qualified staff.

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You've Got a Friend in Me (From Disney/Pixar's ''Toy Story'')
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